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RAID Data Recovery | When the data’s not all on one disk

As a computer repair technician for over 20 years, I’ve handled no shortage of data recovery cases.  Most were just logical cases where the file table was corrupt, or the drive had been formatted / overinstalled with Windows, etc.  It’s usually just a matter of running your favorite data recovery software like Recuva, R-Studio, GetDataBack, or another and sorting through what it finds.  Occasionally I ran into the tough cases where we had to try and image around the bad sectors using a tool like dd or ddrescue. However this week for the first time I found myself in...

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Fiber Channel Adapting to a Bench For Testing

So right now I’m trying to figure out a way to bench test fiber channel hard drives on a regular desktop computer system.  Normally it seems that these work by first having an overpriced fiber transmitter/receiver which then transmits over fiber optic cable to another transmitter/receiver, and finally is connected via copper to a 40 pin SCA type adapter. What I’m trying to do is to bypass the fiber optics altogether.  I’m not looking to go any distance here, just be able to run some tests, wipe or image a drive, etc.  So no need to go from copper...

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Welcome to Whitt Blog!

Welcome to Whitt Blog Home of all things Whitt related.  Looking for some whitty comments on my first post here.  My name is Whitt Wittaker master of all things computer related.  I actually invented the mouse, though some would debate that.  Ok, so probably everyone would debate that.  Anyway I know a lot of stuff about computers and I’m always trying to learn.  I’ll be posting all sorts of fun and creative computer technology related stuff on this blog.  So be sure to check back often and find out what’s new. I know this site is a little bit...

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