Welcome to Whitt Blog

Home of all things Whitt related.  Looking for some whitty comments on my first post here.  My name is Whitt Wittaker master of all things computer related.  I actually invented the mouse, though some would debate that.  Ok, so probably everyone would debate that.  Anyway I know a lot of stuff about computers and I’m always trying to learn.  I’ll be posting all sorts of fun and creative computer technology related stuff on this blog.  So be sure to check back often and find out what’s new.

I know this site is a little bit ugly right now.  It’s a work in progress.  Hoping soon to have something beautiful for you.  I’m just really excited to have finally landed this awesome domain name with a Moz rank of 55 and actually containing my name, well my nickname anyway.

I think at one time this was a gambling site, but it isn’t anymore.  So if you’re looking for some good online slots, keep on moving.  Nothing to see of that sort here.